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Okean of Love…………. Океан Любви………….

Ozean derLiebe…………

L'ocean de L'amour……


This page That - Who was born on February 21, 1962 god - in city The Boon an Announcement - ( Благовещенск) The Amur area - country of Russia - planet the Earth. In that place - where the river See( German word Seele - meaning Soul) - Is poured in in the river of Amur (Greek name of the God of Love) - And it loved to bathe in these two rivers - When lived in city the Boon an Announcement … -

 It was born - because - so it was necessary - For all know - that children and it was born - sometimes are born - And many years have lived in city of Blago veshchensk - ( It probably many remember there - It considered, that in a healthy body - healthy spirit. - Also ran in the winter barefoot on snow



… And consequently probably, It named pridurok) And it much there, that still did - And not about it speech I write - I do not write more correctly - and I type on the computer - Is not present - Not on the computer - and on the keyboard of the computer - And in computers - By the way I want to brag - I understand not bad now - Though has bought it (from hands certainly) - One year ago - Also has learned on the computer to work. And earlier - computers saw only on a show-window of shops. And, with great by works - I have learned to understand computers - With what I also congratulate you - … So - So - Yes - I now very much want to sleep - Last days, worked, above text translation - very much - Which I here lokation - And to sleep therefore, I want very much And consequently, I finish to write - And tomorrow I shall write - that I want to you to tell.

October 31, 2000god ------- Krischna - Hristus ------- Nadeljaew Anatolij ( To allocate Anatolij )

( Nadel - Ja - Ew …)

And already has come - But not tomorrow - and the day after tomorrow. That is, yesterday, or the day before yesterday - I already have overlooked - but it at all does not play a role. To me has arrived in the visitors charming Woman - And certainly, I would be, complete idiot, If continued to print that, That I now type - we told jokes, saw tea and good wine, which bottle, has put behind my back, when I played on a guitar in the street and sang songs - For this purpose what to earn money ( Because from the sky, as you can read in my texts - Money as is known by everything, does not fall - For is contradicts the laws of a nature) - Ach - yes! - Behind my back has put a bottle fault - Afrikaner ( That is, man with black colour of a leather ) - But it again does not play a role - As all people, have Hromokodami - And Desiribonukleinami - And consequently, if who that speaks, That the colour of a leather matters - And on the basis of it speaks, That one leather good - and other bad … - That simply this man - In other time - will have that colour of a leather - Which strongly is not pleasant to it so - For It too - law of a nature - For a nature - She not bad and not good - She fair. And I agree with words songs, Written by the perfect poet …

The nature does not have bad weather - Each weather is good …

And therefore - That day, when I wanted to print, continuation to this text - We saw wine, which refers to as - Amagokobokobokobogu - Such prikolnoe the name - But wine was quite good - We told jokes, we were kissed … - Yes ц, yes ц - we were kissed … And that day,To me was indifferent - that occurs in this world - We saw wine and were kissed - as I spoke - And in the truth speaking - The vote of Conscience - has tried to me that that to object In this occasion - It began to result what that arguments - Concerning pitiable businesses on this planet - It began speak what that bosh - About that - That I was born in city the Boon Announcement, Amur of area - Especially pressing on these words - Also That I carry a surname To allocate ( Наделяев ) - Which in German designates

Nadel - (needle) - Ja (Yes) - Ew … (in abbreviated form Eternity - Ewig) - And name I Anatolij - that means East … - Also that I - on the basis of it am - Should work for the Boon of this world … And To allocate … But I quite reasonably have answered to this Vote of Conscience

Well and huli. - Well --- and --- huli … ------- Well !------- And !------- Huli !---------- That you pisdisch - I owe to anybody nothing - I should only 50 marks give back to one good Man - Which has given me on loan - That I could help other Man …

If this world should be lost - From for one - or many days - That I see off with Beloved Women - This world, deserve it … means - And you - Dear Vote of Conscience - I - have answered to it - Not pisdi … And it at once has agreed with me - That that I speak - logically … And pisdet on me has ceased - Because knows me perfectly - And it knows - That I think of you - Even in that time - when I drink wine with Beloved Women - Also that are too beautiful ё of a word - On themes of Love, morals, Rescue it (or other other world) Me irritate -

For Rescue drowning - business of hands drowning … And our business - only - rake blockages lie, fanaticism, unwillingness independently to think - And to release a way to the button - Having pressed on which - who that will include light … And consequently - We quietly saw wine under the name Amagokobokobokobogu… - We were kissed, Spoke about You - about Us - About Those - about These - about Others In common, have lead perfectly time …

 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Getastet auf diesen Bildenchen Sie kцnnen durchlesenchen - Da Ich Ihnen geschriebenchen habe auf Deutsch. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Having pressed on this pikturnenchen You can read That I have written to you In English. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ayant appuye sur ce piktureschen Vous pouvez lire Que je vous ai ecrit En francais ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




Well and all,

That I wanted you, to tell now -

All rest -

You can read and consider on leisure -

In the texts Which I have placed

On this personal page.

And I - Krishna - Hristus Nadeljaew Anatolij

Having placed these texts

( Printed with my specific sense of humour)

 I shall be engaged in the cause

What I have a lot of …

Also I leave on your freedom of will …

2 words

Pisdez and Saibis …



Krischna - Hristus - Nadel Ja EwIG

Is goroda BLAGO - WEST SHEEN S K A -

(The Boon an Announcement)

3 nowembera 2000 God


My adress eMail -

Write letter…

… And now it lives in Germany - In small city which refers to as Bьnde ( The Union, Association is translated on Russian) -It also goes on station to a train - In the next city - because it is close - Which refers to as Kirchlerngern ( Kirche - вера - lern the doctrine - gern - is good) - and - in 333 meters from at home - Where it lives now - The river proceeds - Which refers to as El See - And in this Sее - it bathes in the summer - And probably therefore - His friends speak him - That it the happy man -Because, it frequently smiles - And his(its) Friends do not suspect, why it smiles - And it is simple therefore, That he - has this small secret ( That it bathes in the rivers -Which are in thousand kilometers from each other - But - have - one Name - Soul) - He has this secret - Which it to nobody told before this time - And now it you by this secret - And with others including - Allocates - Because - The time has come … To tell about a fairy tale about two words …

Pisdez and Saibis …

Sein Ich Bins - eng

I Exist



Sai Bis



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