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Anatolij Nadeljaew an embodiment of the Christ, Krishna, the Buddha in 1962 on February, 21, 1962, in the city of Blagowestschensk on Amur - (Good Herald on Amur) - the Amur area, the country of Russia.

The letter to Europe - the English variant

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(* - at the end of the letter)

Hello all those to whom I now write.

Today 29 - on January, 30 2003 - And I, having finished translation into German, those documents which in my opinion, bear a lot of informative Materials on a theme about which it will be told below. I sit now, in the small room in front of the screen of the monitor, and I write for all those who can understand - owing to what causes and effects - I write to you now, this letter.

The letter it, will be dispatched by me during 2 days, to all addresses, Europe (it is concrete; Germany and France). - Which I have found on the Internet, and my Friends whom I have asked to collect for me addresses; Universities, Newspapers, means of a mass communication and many others... As itself, owing a huge volume of work about translations into German, documents from the site, the reference on which will be further in the letter - simply had no a free time on search of addresses. - Many thanks to my friend for this help.

So - Why the letter will be dispatched in Universities and other places about which it is told above?

The situation in the world is known to you - and I shall not write an analytical material, owing to what causal relationships this war can begin very soon. - That for the world filled with the various weapon (nuclear, biological, chemical...) the mass destruction of mankind filled with means, which representatives you also are (you are particularly you - and against what this weapon can be applied - which as, are representatives of the mankind...) - And application of this weapon against whom or - it will be very pitiable... About what it will be written further...

Because the weapon it (which small part, will be sufficient, for your self-destruction). It on a planet as a dirty pool in which with pleasure pigs* take a bathe, and get a pleasure from it. And the weapons of mass destruction, now are arms of varies countries: the United States of America, Russia, France, China, India - and basically to make a simple, nuclear bomb (named dirty by the experts, (as though there were clean nuclear bombs - let to joke)... - to make a bomb, it is simple enough - because components, the documentation... And so on, for manufacture, it is possible to find in the world of the crossed communications, informative and technological sense (in the sense told above) - And events for example, on September 112001 are have to the full confirmed. That small group of people which are doing not wish, what global development, went only on a way of the country, which is very young (hardly more than 200 years of development) - and which has many problems such as criminality, unemployment and other ones... - This group, so-called Terrorists - has gone on death... - the world, concept of that borders, or ocean, which young America in which territory there were no very big destructive wars. Also has brought... - And - houses from explosions of bombs did not fall, and the whole cities did not collapse completely, as a result of mass air strikes. How for example in old Europe, in 2-d world war (for this reason, these 2 days it is dispatched this letter across Germany and France) - (and allow me one joke more - As you think - there would be Europe and all other world - in that form in which they exist now - if - in 2 world war, the nuclear weapon had been made and applied? - Would I now be able write to you these lines - and would sit in front of the screen of the monitor? - And listen to this melody from a nursery songs which I love since children's age) - And these Terrorists - not consent with such state of affairs, have made so, according to the understanding, how it is necessary to do - (and it is a lot of noise in the world that they have made. - And in the Bible for example - are written about such words... (, in the world all is from God - also cannot take place anything, as from his permission) - (And to me, as to the person who has written in the beginning of this document that he is also the Christ, and both, Buddha and Krishna, is clear. And on this wish of God - I also write to you now these lines - And to me is clear as a day, that words, the President who has declared a crusade against Terrorists. - Which use the weapon - made, in particular, and in America - which is the largest manufacturer and the seller of the weapons on this planet. These words about a crusade against terrorism, and protection of Christian values... - it is just words of the person - with rather low level of mental development... but, however, I continue about the terrorists...) - And their this choice - to die - but to show the world, that if all world will go on road specified by one State. That on it, will be a lot of not consent - which will teach the world much more appreciable lesson. - About which I have written above, having mentioned, about the weapon of mass distraction.

And no borders or oceans by which the country that aggressively preaches the way of development to all other world is protected and thinks, that the world should follow -- no oceans will not be an obstacle for those who disagrees with such state of affairs. (also that borders and oceans - owing to above-stated - rather conditional concepts)


On it I shall finish the first part of the letter to Europe - and further I shall write on themes of numerology (a science about value of numbers to human life, the States - and so on...)


So I continue after a walk with my dog in a court yard of the house which in the sum a science about value of numbers values =9.

So. Why do I dispatch this letter in Universities, Editions of newspapers and to other addresses? (I want to write to you that is farther, the letter will be written in simple folk tongue, in which I communicate with my friends for I was born in village on suburb of the city of Blagoveshchensk on Amur - and simple folk tongue is pleasant to me)

So, why Universities? - The matter is that at universities young people study. To which would like to learn, understand, experience much in this life - to love and be loved... - and they hope that their future will not be such as it was for those who still with horror recollects that - as in streets of destroyed cities, bombs, ?????????? from planes blew up. Shells in the streets of cities and villages from shooting guns also blew up.

And those who from old generation remember it - never will want continuation similar.-

And young people - which study at universities of Europe know all that only from books. - But many of them do not want such in the life.

And consequently - I - also write to young people, instead of to old farters which behind shine of gold coins which they have earned by sale of the different weapons and sale of oil...

Und deshalb schreibe - eben zu den jungen Leuten...kurz;
...und nicht zu alt Furzer,
Die hinter dem Glanz der goldenen Munzen,
Sitzen, und laut wie die Bomben - furzen...
Eben die Zeit weitgegangen kurze und kurze
Aber alter Dumm etwas murmelt
Und - nur furzen und furzen...
Hinter glanzgoldene Munzen...

these old farters - have absolutely lived from wit - and think, that can overcome terrorism by terrorists methods. They probably have seen enough films of insurgents in which good guys always win against bad guys. And themselves have felt gallant and abrupt cowboys... - And that those fanatics, gave them on the muzzle - and have roughly kicked in the ass. Very much it was not pleasant to them - And they want to revenge bad guys. Also spit for the whole world - which to them speaks -

,, do not spit in a mirror - in which you have seen ugly I shall give birth is your physiognomy - and there is nothing to complain of a mirror - if your muzzle has a curve - wash up the person, from the nurseries grn dried,

And the policy - which proclaims a principle, the good Indian, is the dead Indian, - - - me personally, it is not pleasant.

Further. - I, as well as any normal Person - do not like dictators. Including Saddam Hussein. - Any normal Person, will not like that this dictator, personally beats the imprisoned opponents of this mode. - But - it is pleasant to me, or to another - or it is not pleasant to somebody, this dictator. It is unimportant. Important that he is legitimately elected president of Iraq. - And all, certainly, it is clear - that America which has very small stocks of oil, the purpose puts this aspect (among others) - and conversations on protection of Christian values - For the fools. - For if leaders of America were guided by these values. This letter - you would not receive it now.


Argues Anatoly Christus Krishna Buddha from the city of Blagowestschensk on Amur?

Further - Young people - which study at Universities. Study many sciences. - As for example - Financing, Jurisprudence, Pedagogical, Medical... And others... - Also hope to become in the future Financiers, Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, Engineers, Builders... - And so on...

Also I want you - young People - Ask a question???????

What will be for example - If America - will begin war against Iraq? - And certainly - will win - for it is much stronger then Iraq. (means of which mass destruction, and it is a lot of arms - it has been made with the American help - Still when Iraq was at war with Iran (I at that time very attentively analyzed this aspect)

And that America - helped Iraq, is not a secret.

And what will be??????? - If one country which applies for protection of Christian values - will win other country - which adheres to Muslim values???????

You did not think of this question? - the Future Financiers, Teachers, Doctors, Builders?

Do you want a little history???????

In one Muslim country - which possesses the weapon of mass destruction - Nuclear. - Rather frequently there are revolutions and their ruler perish. Also other mode is established. I have noted this country (*) it is familiar above in the text) - And now, in this country, the President is friendly to America - But as fairly one Russian Writer, Michael Bulgakov has noticed

,, the Person is mortal - and mortal suddenly,,

- And in this country many people are dissatisfied, that America - wants to win other Muslim country.

There can be one who thinks that Presidents are eternal. That it not so, can believe me - or to esteem a history. And all of us shall die. And to hope that the Nuclear weapon which Pakistan possesses for example - will not be used against America - the naive Person can hope only.

Also what is farther then will be???????

You have understood, where I direct your sight - you - who want to be Financiers, Journalists, Teachers, Doctors, Lawyers, Builders, Scientific...???????

You live in Europe - And it is enough to blow up only in the territory of Europe several nuclear bombs... Or the wind will bring from the south - clouds infected with radiation... (you probably have overlooked, or do not know that when there was a failure at Chernobyl Nuclear station - That the wind has carried a radioactive cloud. And many territories have been infected with radiation. - And now, it is impossible there to eat any products. - For they are infected - (want to visit these places to Belarus??????? - on excursion??????? - Will dress on protective suits - what to be protected from radiation - look what there mutations have taken place... - Want???????

Also can be, who that from you - young people, the Future Scientists, Teachers, Lawyers, Financiers, Doctors... - Can be from you - who that thinks what your destiny, your future, which else only in the long term???????

Perhaps, some of you think, that your destiny, will decide old Furzer. Which have considered itself directors of human destinies??? - Which are not able to analyze that, as they too - will not have any prospect. (only this) - If this war begins. In the Middle East.

But however - I have distracted.

I have not casually written to you - young People.

The future Financiers. - Analyze - whether there will be future for you? - you well are able to count - and children of the high-ranking parents are many of you. And your parents - many have financial influence on politics?

Who from your parents - Old farters is trading with weapons. (I have written, that I was born in a village - and we with friends are expressing us so) - Perhaps, he lives by a principle - ,,after me a flood,, - Explain to Him, that you would want that you had future!

Who from your parents - Politics. Going to a tail at abrupt guys from across the ocean. - And which, is afraid for the political place. - Explain to him - that you want the future!

Your future in these reliable hands??????? * (???) * (???) * (???)

So... - who from your parents, or you, is a Doctor. - whether there Will be He, or you to treat a patients, and whether will be, who from you treats patients - if as a result of the untied war, and the subsequent is doubtless - reciprocal actions - the weapons of mass distraction will be used. - Also there will be a global, radioactive infection. Whom will you treat - if, will be all patients??????? (look, what children are born till now in ????????, after application there the chemical weapon)


So - this I want to offer you - Youth of Europe?

I dispatch this letter to many addresses - And if from you who read this letter - who possesses knowledge of a science of numerology - which explains, that there is nothing casual in the world - But that there is freedom of will - and the Person - is allocated this freedom of will - and can change the future. If will hi tries hard.

Make so, that this letter could read - The president of Germany (because Germany has very strongly suffered from two world wars - anti-war moods are here again very strong) - I shall fairly tell - I like that president of Germany - does not wish to go on an occasion at old farters from across ocean. - And it is nice to me.

The president of France (because France, too, has strongly suffered from two world wars - here again too strong anti-war moods) - And the President of France I like too - the unwillingness of new adventure, the mad president from across the ocean? low intellectual development which takes offence even at jokes of Women, one of which has named him Idiot - and consequently, we with friends are dared always, about this president - who proclaims the crusade - not knowing that in one of crusades - the Christian city of Constantinople has been completely plundered...)

And consequently, I address you directly, now, dear to me politicians - Forbid flights of the American military planes above your territory - (even till February, 21 - for I want to drink with Friends good fault - joke)

You the free states - or puppets??????? This I ask you!!!!!!!

(a small joke - In the criminal world - which I perfectly know, for was born in the city of Blagowestschensk on Amur, on suburb, in village... - Where many people lived - which were in prisons... And their children studied with me at one school... - Also it is familiar with very many people, from this social environment. And in the criminal world, there are tables of ranks. Is ????? is a leader. There are Bulls - which are carried out with orders of Leader Pahan. There are the Sixes - which carry out orders of the Leader and Bulls. And ????????, name ??????????. And they ?????????? in any environment. Not only criminal.)

Who are you? - I want to ask you???????

And I want to tell all of you - that if you can make all efforts - and to stop this war - that you will be worthy what with you, ever - there was a serious dialogue...

And if you live by a principle - ,, After me a flood,,

... Then - Anatoly Nadeljaev who has been given birth in 1962 on February, 21, in the city of Blagoveshchensk on Amur - in this case, Anatoly wants to wish all fans of a flood, happy ????????...

With this, I want to finish this message to young people of Europe.

Make the future. Except you - nobody will make it.

Your world - is a design of your thinking and your acts.

That is all it is told enough.

Nadeljaew Anatolij.

P. S. - the big request to you - write nobody to me the answer - I am very busy . The information about my web site: in work... - in work...)

(And to Saturday came to me on a visit - the Fine Woman cold (the Angel on Deutsch) - and we talked on many themes - including this one - And she told me - that if the world did not have chance - that this document would not be l - would not be. - And in general, what for then was I to be born?)

And the request not to mention me - if you want to undertake that actions - in the above-stated sense. - Operate on your own behalf. Let all universities of the world carry out protest actions - time you have a little. - Old fartershave gone mad!!!!!!!

And I should be engaged in the affairs. I have a lot of them on this theme...

And to this, I want to apologize, for sharp tone of the letter, and perhaps, for the insult somebody. - But the situation - does not promote good manners. Especially - that you want to hear from given birth in village???????

(* to not accept a mention of pigs, as that I concern to them with what or disgust - Is not present - the Pig as well as any representative of fauna of this planet, including the Person - in my representation, are only a result of evolution... - which as a result of use of the weapons of mass destruction, can, it is pitiable, will end both for People, and for Pigs, and for in particular...

And the mention of Pigs, was only in a context, all known metaphorical concepts...)

... He also has told: leave, dirty spirit, from this person. Also has asked him: What is your name? And he has told in answer: a legion a name to me because it is a lot of us. And did plead Him very much, that would not send them from this country. It was grazed there at mountain the big herd of pigs. All demons asked Him, speaking: Let us go into the pigs, that we would enter them. And He has immediately allowed them. And dirty spirits, ?????, were included in pigs; the herd from a steepness in the sea also has directed, and there were about two thousand of them, alle sunk in the sea...

, the Gospel from Mark,

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